Imago Dei

Many Christians struggle with the phrasing and concept of the foundational doctrine. This issue is more important now in America than it has ever been. The emergence of trans activism and the left constantly attempting to strip imagers of their God-given position on earth is a sinful attack on Christianity and the imago dei.

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Imago Dei

Image of God A phrase found several times in the book of Genesis (Gen 1:7–27; 5:1–3; 9:6). Distinguishes humankind from the animal and plant kingdoms. Elevates humankind above all terrestrial created things so as to exercise benevolent and ethical stewardship over creation. Image of God language is found in the New Testament as part of the Christian’s responsibility to imitate Christ, who is the image(r) of God par excellence.”[1]

“Human beings are unique among all creatures in that they were created to be like God. Genesis 1:26–27 teaches that God determined to create man and woman in His own “image” and “likeness” and that they would have dominion over the animal creation. Both male and female shared this “likeness” to God, which is expressed as eikōn in Greek (Gen. 1:27). While the fall of mankind damaged this “image,” it was not damaged completely. There is still enough…

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  1. Speaking to your conversation with atheists, I think it takes more blind faith to say there is no God than to believe in Him. All beings are born with the knowing that He is there. Saying there is no God is almost an acknowledgment of Him in itself. I’m sure you’ve heard about the hoopla around atheist and lie detector tests. Adrian Roger’s used to talk about it in his sermons. It’s seems it’s more of a denial of God than an actual belief in him not existing. It’s a very interesting subject.

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