“In Our Eyes”: Insights in the Book of Ruth & Judges

Look at the parallels between these two books and the world we are now living. It is astonishing to see society replicate so many of the evils seen in the Old Testament. The old adage, “there is nothing new under the sun” could not be more apparent. When you read this article meditate on how society reflects that of the ancient world. It just proves that technology and industry cannot sanctify the heart and mind. People without faith in the one true God Yahweh, cannot, and will not create a healthy society where idolatry doesn’t fuel the greed of that society. God Bless!

R-Rated Religion


What happened in the books of Judges (and Ruth) when everyone did what was right in their own eyes? These two Old Testament books show the type of chaos and disorder that mankind is capable of when they rebel from the will of God, ignore the law, and seek self-gratification. By seeking what is right in his or her own eyes, man chooses self-interest over God’s purpose for humanity. This inevitably leads to chaos that rightly entreats divine justice and the wrath of God. Interestingly, the book of Ruth shows a different option for those faithful to the God of Israel and what that devotion  and obedience can afford to those whom choose good over evil. 



What makes these two books of the Old Testament relevant to each-other is their timeline. The events transpiring in the book of Judges happens alongside with the Ruth narrative. It is here…

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