Churches burn across America, yet no #socialJustice?

Churches Burn!

The above article was published Monday morning on Fox News. R-Rated Religion watched with horror how the rest of the media failed to acknowledge these instances throughout the week. Moreover, we were appalled at the lack of care and outrage in the faith-based communities throughout the nation. Where is Church social Justice? Where are the mobs with signs and shirts that read “freedom to practice religion” or “I can’t worship”? Where protests for the people of these churches? Why isn’t evangelical Chruch members as outraged by this act of terror as they are about racial injustice?

The answer is that most Churches are more of this world than of Christ. The vast majority of Christians in America belong more to Satan than to God. This might sound hard and a bit brash but tell us we lie? When Catholic Churches across America are torched (some with people inside) and very little of this is reported or spoken about by Church leadership, something is very wrong with faith-based communities of the modern age.

America needs another great awakening and we need it now. When you have a country filled with Churches that look no different from rock concerts, trouble is afoot. We ask that God-fearing congregants demand more from their clergy to take a stand against religious discrimination that is pervading throughout our society. Stand for Christ, or you will surely kneel to “the accuser!”

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