Every Christian American needs to watch this short history lesson!

Watch “Some things you’ve never heard about AMERICA!~ (historian David Barton)!”

Do you really know American history? Do you think you know how religious the founding fathers were? Did Christianity play a role in early American exceptionalism?

The answer to these questions is in this shot video. Historian David Barton gives a must-see history lesson on religion and the foundations of American history. This is not taught in our schools or ever debated in the public square. Most American’s have conceded the historical ground to those who wish to deny Christian belief to our fore-fathers and paint early American history as one steeped in tyranny and racism. This video paints a vastly different picture. 

If you are a God-fearing American Christian, this video should spark something in you that will hopefully change how you view the foundation of America. Moreover, we pray it inspires you to get involved in localized education and fight back against the secularists and Marxists that are taking over academia, rewriting American history to serve their narrative, and indoctrinating the next generation of children. 

Do Not be Naive About What You Believe! 

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