Morality & Ethics: A Biblical Approach

All things considered, this subject of ethics and morals in a society in opposition to truth needs another look.

R-Rated Religion

Morality and integrity are at the core of a life lived in the discipleship of Jesus Christ. Andrew Dubrin (Professor of Management Emeritus at the E. Philip Saunders College of Business at the Rochester Institute of Technology) defines integrity as “loyalty to rational principles; it means practicing what one preaches regardless of emotional or social pressure.”[1] This seems to be a basic principle of management but when dealing with ministerial leadership and matters of the moral turpitude, it is far from a practical standpoint. Integrity and morality rock the foundation of our human nature and speaks to the core of understanding our walk toward sanctification.

Jesus speaks of moral integrity in the Sermon on the Mount. He does so in many different terms than what first century Judaism would had described. He makes a point to center on the character of the person and not merely their actions. That…

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