Biblical Manhood Means You Support Life, in all Situations!

Worth reading again if you missed it!

Meaningful Masculinity

Meaningful Masculinity means caring for life and recognizing that all humanity was made in the image of God (Genesis 1:26). This quality of humanity was instilled with intrinsic worth by our creator and should he honored and protected. That being said, men have an obligation and authority, given by God to protect and advocate the rights for all humans to be born.

This is not a political position but a theological one. You can not be for the Kingdom of God and support abortion. It is an abominations to the will of God and should therefore be an abomination to all God-fearing men who love Jesus Christ. So many would have your believe that one can be pro-choice and still a Christian, but this is false hope and terrible theology (more on this to come).

Fight the Good Fight of Faith!

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