I’m a hypocrite…….ME TOO! Exposing the hypocrisy of Hollywood’s Me Too contradiction!

What do we make of all this Me Too accusations coming from the Hollywood establishment and the, seemingly, endless victims of sexual impropriety? My answer: I am bewildered and appalled at the boisterous incredulity and complacency these victims had for years while they lined their pockets with riches and fame, until society evolved itself into a feminist action committee. How can we, as regular Joes/Josephine’s, take many of these complaints seriously.

Since when do we look to Hollywood for morality. It is no wonder that this sexual conundrum has found its way to the inroads of movie stardom. I find all the benevolence to be fake, exploitive, and down right insulting to those individuals that have truly suffered from real and violent sexual assault. I hardly see Alyssa Milano as the role model for women sexual suffrage. This is a woman who used her sexuality in the nineties to recharge a floundering career. How do you use sexual dalliance in your movies as to the point that you have to include a sex clause in your contracts, and then resurface decades later as the SJW for women’s sexual assault? This seems insultingly hypocritical to most regular thinking people.

I am not saying that porn stars can not get raped; prostitutes get rapped all the time. I am merely postulating that porn stars, prostitutes, and movie stars that work, deal, and promulgate in sexual licentiousness should not be the advocates against sexual misconduct. Much of this Me Too movement coming out of Hollywood is another example of stardom run amuck and laying waste to the real issues undergirding sexual assault.

Do not get me wrong, I am not espousing that victims of sexual assault are self-induced, nor am I advocating on behalf of sexual predatory activity. Sexual predators are evil men (and women) who use sex as a commodity. But when does the victim, become the victim? One can not give out blow jobs to high ranking bosses, year after year, while accepting the accolades and awards of these sexual favors, then when the timing is right scream, “hey I am tired of this, enough is enough…..RAPE!”

Where is the credibility of some of these victims? I have known many people who have legitimately been victims of sexual assault. The assault becomes traumatizing, life altering, and potentially life scaring. Now let me ask: how life changing, or scarring, is it to engage in a sexual act with Harvey Weinstein, say nothing, than cash his paychecks? Is it when she walked the red carpet with him months later at the premiere? Was it during the multitude of press conferences and interviews; where she literally had a pulpit to extoll her virtues? Maybe it was at the rap parties and cocktails parties where she walked hand in hand with Harvey Weinstein as she advocated for his leadership.

Where is the social justice in all of this, where is the presumption of innocence? I am not making excuses for Harvey, but I am stipulating that social justice warrior-ship should not trump our common sense or dilute or concept of right and wrong. Could all this be a simple case of wrong, and wrong? I can say that advancing sexually towards anyone, man or woman, who does not want it is wrong. But if you allow, even some of this behavior, or go along with certain aspects of this behavior, is that not also wrong?

You can not justify sexual assault, but you can apply a statute of limitations and accord some kind of complicity. In addition, since when do we afford all sexual misconduct under one umbrella of Me Too? Where does flirting end and sexual assault begin? Is the sexual assault of Kevin Spacey equivalent to that of Louis C. K.? Why are we grouping all these cases together?

Where is this evidence of rape culture in our society. If we are laying a foundation for a male sexual assault culture, Hollywood is the last place I would start. These movie stars use the world as their own personal play ground. Why are we even surprised that sexual misconduct is part of their ethos. Most regular men and women assume it has always been a part of it; just look at all the sexual crap that is engrained in the shows and movies of our time.

Moreover, you can’t deal drugs for decades and then bitch about the drug problem. Hollywood has been the epicenter of sexual misconduct, deviance, and debauchery for over fifty years. Some movies, which starred many victims of the Me Too movement, were so sexual repulsive that regular people couldn’t, and didn’t, watch them. How ignorant is it to peddle sexual ubiquity, then once it hits your doorstep, act shocked and dismayed. That is like me joining the mafia but I get pissed when I find the first horse head under my covers. Just like the rest of the world, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Hollywood doles out sexual advancement like a pez dispenser, but gets pissed when they find cavities.

In addition to, whose to say that some of the sexual assailants aren’t victims themselves. If you worked for decades behind closed doors where the system not only endorses this kind of sexual promiscuity, but protects it, how does that mindset not invade you psyche. Where the lines are blurred, so will the herd cross. Being ensconced in sexual deviance is a condition unto itself, but we are casting aside many of these fine actors as if they were some kind of street corner pervert in a rain coat. The academy had no problem awarding Kevin Spacey an Oscar when most people knew of his behavior, but the minute someone spoke out, Netflix dropped his highly successful show within days. How hypocritical can you get.

It seems as if so many of these victims didn’t mind much of these quid-pro-quo exchanges as long as it served their success. This also applies to those that turned a blind eye. Yes, I am talking about Meryl Streep and her ilk. If you knew this kind of behavior was so rampant within the industry, that you so reveled in, you are just as guilty. Witnessing sexual malice and doing nothing to thwart it, is solid ground for implication, or does that only apply to Penn State?

Once again the movie stars are getting away with anything they want and we are left to sit here and postulate. Me tooers are festooning social media with impunity and the witch hunt for male sexual rape culture is well under way. Look at how they have stars like Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon running for cover. No one has the balls to speak out against this blatant hypocrisy on behalf of most (not all) of these alleged victims. Keep in mind that in the American justice system you are innocent until proven guilty, now tell that to Azis Ansari.

We here, at R-Rated Religion, are dedicated to helping society open their eyes to the truth and realities of modern day life. We acknowledge that much of the Me Too movement is solid and worthy of investigation. We applaud those women and men who have risked much to expose criminal behavior. However, we scrutinize those charlatans who use this phrase to inculcate a male rape culture, self-promote, and implicate others with immunity. Hollywood should be held to higher standards, and your sexual bias should not shield you from hard questions or accusations. Normal, regular, everyday victims of sexual assault and misconduct deal with these realities all the time, why should Gwyneth Paltrow or Uma Thurman be any different.


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