Pope Francis and Donald Trump

trump and the Pope

Donald J. Trump and The Pope were yachting in a large boat out in the middle of the Atlantic ocean (stop me if you heard this). Accompanying them were secret servicemen and reporters. A large gust of wind blows the Papal tiara off the head of Pope Francis and into the surging waters. Immediately the servicemen jump into the nearest dinghy to retrieve the tiara. Meanwhile, Donald Trump leaps onto the water, walks over to the tiara, picks it up, and saunters back onto the boat never sinking into the shallows. The Pope graciously thanks Mr. Trump and they all return home. The next day, on the front page of the Washington Post and the New York times, it read: President Donald J. Trump can’t swim!

If you find yourself not understanding this joke or think it lacks humor…you might be part of the problem!

(hat-tip to Jason Muniz for the funny joke)

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