The Real Anthony Fauci – Book Review

Listen to The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Audible.

Not very often do I come across a book that absolutely changes the way I see the world. Seldom does such a treat cross my path; just to name a few: Scam by Jesse Lee Peterson, The Unseen Realm by Michael Heiser, and pretty much anything David Horowitz has written. It is time to add one more to the list: The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health. At the sake of sounding cliche; the is a must-read – and I mean it!

The book came out in October of 2021 and was published by Simon & Schuster, and I applaud them for publishing this controversial book during a time when many publishing companies have shown their cowardice in the face of cancel-culture. During this pandemic, big tech, big pharma, mainstream media, and the government have been stifling free speech on anyone who claims to disagree with how Anthony Fauci, NIAID, NIH, and the CDC have been handling this pandemic and this book surely does that… Bravo!

First, I would like to say that I am not that familiar with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. or his politics. This book gives a small, yet minuscule, glimpse into some of his past battles with vaccines which have garnished him the much-feared “vaccine denier” moniker but most of the sane people in society recognize the agenda behind name-calling. To be blunt, I recognized that the majority of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s political stances do not line up with this platform and we do not endorse anything other than this book (at this time).

What inspired me to read this book was a debate on Valuetainment between Mr. Kennedy and Allan Dershowitz last year. I have included the link and I encourage you to watch it prior to reading the book. I found Mr. Kennedy’s viewpoint compelling and you can notice that it even swayed Mr. Dershowitz slightly enough to look into what Robert Kennedy was advocating. It is one of the rare debates where truth is taken seriously and argument subsidies to real conversation.

The above debate inspired me to purchase the book on audible and I was unaware of the impact that it would have on me. The amount of research, information, and data presented in this book is mind-numbing, and I mean that. After a while, unless you are highly educated in the medical arena, some portions of the book are down-right overloading. This does not mean that you are unable to ascertain the points Robert Kennedy Jr. is making. He covers so much information that it seems impossible to refute and, as we have seen in the passing months, few are attempting to do so. The amount of research he put into this book is truly impressive and if you cherish truth, this is a great insight into the corruption of government.

In addition, this is not an ad-homonym attack on Anthony Fauci, as I was expecting. I am sure that many critics of the book would regard this as a hit piece, but it is not. Robert Kennedy Jr. sticks to historical data, verified testimony, and Fauci’s self-incrimination. It conveys a sense of respect on behalf of Mr. Kennedy, even though you can tell that Mr. Kennedy loathes Anthony Fauci (as do many Americans).

In previous book reviews, I usually delve into various chapters to recant, scrutinize, or exhort. This book is just too vast and intricate to give it much justice in small doses. The only critique I can offer is that its strength could be its weakness. If you are not a reader or have trouble with academic-style books, this might be troublesome. I would recommend the audiobook in those cases. This book does not read as an academic book, as most of the books I read are, but it does have an element of scholasticism that you should appreciate but many might find unattractive.

In conclusion – READ THIS BOOK! The information presented in this book will call into question your trust in government, your views on vaccine development and deployment, and your opinion on the man behind it all – Dr. Anthony Fauci.

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