Pastoral Care & Counseling

Pastoral counseling is a huge problem in the modern church in that most Christians do not utilize this helpful tool of the church. We, as believers, need to spread the message of pastoral care and counseling to our faith-based communities. Mental health in the world is at record highs and people should be opening seeking good certified pastoral counselors to aide and help heal those in pastoral care. Share this article with your communities and urge local leadership to address this in your parish, congregation, or Church. God Bless!

R-Rated Religion

Pastoral care and pastoral counseling are integral concepts necessary for effective ministry within institutional settings and church communities. It is vital to identify, recognize and differentiate between these two vocations. Although pastoral care and pastoral counseling are very similar, they have striking differences that one must understand to properly pursue and satiate our spiritual needs.[1] This essay will briefly demarcate the pastoral care in light of pastoral counseling.

Pastoral care “historically included any activity of the church that meets the needs of its members and its community; thus, activities of pastoral care can include preaching, visitation, performing funerals, counseling parishioners, outreach to the homeless, and many more”.[2] Pastoral care represents the reaching out of Christians to help, heal, or aid in the spiritual advancement and betterment of mankind. The duties of the chaplain are to give primary care to all those in need who seek the help and…

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