Spiritual Formation: Contemplative & Holiness Traditions

Spiritual formation is essential to sanctification and should be looked at over and over until full glory. Share this article with someone who may benefit from it. Discipleship is not an aleatory thing. it takes work, focus, and fellowship.

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Spiritual formation theology is not enough for true transformation. In order to align oneself with the actions and person of Jesus Christ, it is helpful to instill certain practices that help form the heart toward the will of God in life. Two of these practices are Contemplative and Holiness. This essay analyzes each practice while highlighting several key principles within each practice to their benefit in the spiritual formation process.


Contemplative disciplines are that of reflection and passivity. It is living out worship in prayer. “Jesus was a person of prayer. He prayed regularly; he prayed often. The busier he got, the more he talked with God.”[1] It is his examples of unparalleled dedication to prayer that Christians can learn and emulate.

God is at the heart of prayer. In essence, prayer is bringing the triune God into what the life of the Christian is doing together…

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