Watch “The Science & Faith Podcast – James Tour and Stephen Meyer: Life’s Origin: Lab + Information = Mind” on YouTube

We know this is a bit long but if you are interested in science and religion than it is well worth the time. These two individuals (James Tour & Stephen Meyer) are the gold standard of faithful Christians pursuing God’s revelation in Nature. We are including a wonderful essay by M. James Sawyer that describes the two books of Revelation. It is very encouraging to see faithful scientists defend God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible with reverence and honesty. If you are not familiar with these two scientists, it is time to get acquainted. If the Bible is true (which we believe it is) than God is the creator of science and science should re-enforce our faith. Science and religion is beautiful when you carve out all the enmity that both, the church and scientists, have interjected into the discourse over the past century.

Science Vs. Religion

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