Watch “”A Message From the Gay Community” Performed by the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus” on YouTube

The existence of this video and the fact that it has not had widespread press is mind-blowing. Click on the link (while you still can) and watch this message from the San Francisco Men’s Gay Choir (whatever that is) and listen to the words. To their credit, they tried to excuse this by saying that it was done tongue-in-check and should not be taken seriously. Who can believe that? If you find this benign or simply jokingly, you are living in a naive state of ignorance. Read the cultural signs, they are coming for the culturally conservative.

In addition, this is a Freudian slip of what they are now doing to you children with Critical Race Theory (CRT) in your schools right now. Recently the largest teachers union in the country admitted that they were going to support aspects of CRT taught in all 50 states throughout the USA. Moreover, the president of this teachers union, in a speech, recently stated that they were legally and financially gearing up to protect any teacher who promulgated CRT in the classrooms. This was is coming for you and your children.

The Bible is very clear that Christians are not to be conformed to this world (Romans 12:2) and to be careful about the culture around us (Colossians 2:8). This video proves that this is still very relevant in modern times. The religious civil war is coming and faith-based communities should be ready for the theological fight that is about to arrive at our doorstep. Beware of this warning, evil is upon us and it is time to put on the full armor of God.


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