The Problem with Gay Pride Month

Remember, fundamentally, pride is not a virtue. To the Christian, there is nothing valuable or audacious about pride. In fact, the Bible warns against the sin of pride in both Testaments. This is a corrupt method of trying to thrust social normality into faith-based communities and Christians should be aware of its falsehood.

R-Rated Religion

lgbtq-pride-lrg-portalThe month of June brings forth a controversial topic of gay pride. June is gay pride month and throughout the month several organizations, companies, celebrities, politicians, etc. use this month to promulgate, celebrate, and propagate homosexual activism. I have written on the issue of gay marriage ( and homosexual activism ( in previous articles so feel free to review them as needed. What I want to put forth as the thesis for this article is more about the fallacy of “pride,” itself, being the source of anything to celebrate.

The problem in Gay Pride Month is not the homosexual problem, which the biblical text addresses over and over again. The real problem is why anyone, let alone a group, would be proud of a sexual act with other persons to the extent that an entire month should be devoted to spotlighting said act in a month…

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