This Is What They Are Teaching Your Children!

Click on the link below and read just what is going on in the school districts around the country, it may be happening in your backyard.

Judicial Watch: Montgomery County Public Schools Spent $454,000 on ‘Anti-racist System Audit’ | Judicial Watch

Take the time and examine this dangerous teaching tool that was found in school districts being taught to children. The above article spells this out, in detail, what is going on around the country and is well worth your time to read it. Click on the picture and look at the pyramid; obviously, this tool is intended for small children. It resembles to the food chart that we all were given in elementary school. Read each word, or phrase, and ask yourself if, as a Christian, this is something you would endorse.

Read what they label as racism. Notice that “Make America Great Again” is near the top of the pyramid. R-Rated Religion never officially endorsed this slogan, nor do we think it bad, but think of what this pyramid is saying about it. In blatant terms, they are teaching kids that anyone who followed Donald Trump, is Republican, or agrees with the term “Make America Great” is a racist. Step back and soak that in. How dangerous and non Christian is that? Where in the biblical text teaches anything remotely close to anything on this pyramid? Basically what they are saying is that if you are against us in anyway, you are evil; fore to be a racist is to be evil.

This is mind blowing information and sets an extremely scary precedent for educating small children. If you have young children and are not aware of what the school is teaching them, get involved now. Do not set back and let your children become indoctrinated by this blasphemous propaganda. This is not scholarship. This is not good education. This is political indoctrination on small vulnerable children. Take the time, get informed, and fight back!

For Social Justice:
Almighty God, you created us in your own image: Grant us
grace to contend fearlessly against evil and to make no peace
with oppression; and help us to use our freedom rightly in the
establishment of justice in our communities and among the
nations, to the glory of your holy Name; through Jesus Christ
our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever. Amen

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