Woke Theology: How the Progressive Movement Made Its way into the Church

This is a good time to look over this again, especially if you are in ministerial leadership of any kind.

R-Rated Religion

There are many views as to where liberal theology started and how it made its way into the Global Church. Some of the scholastic work goes back many, many centuries and is well worth the research. Academics have been exploring its origins and postulating its implications for over a millennium. Geography certainly played a role with regard to depth and scope, but most scholars agree that the prominence of progressive theology (what we see today) gained traction in the nineteenth century. It is to this point that I want to illuminate an overlooked worldview that has acted as a parasite in the area of science, politics, academia, and theology of the modern age: developmentalism.

Most people are unaware of the term developmentalism and its effect on every aspect of the secular world. The progressive ideology that has spawned cancerous worldviews like Marxism, Socialism, and now BLM and Antifa find all…

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