Watch “Canada’s COVID Insanity: Mikhaila Peterson, Viva Frei, Ezra Levant | ROUNDTABLE | Rubin Report” on YouTube

If you have not been watching or keeping up with the lockdown insanity around the world, watch this immediately. Make no mistake, if faith-based communities do not start to rise up and demand their freedoms, this will happen in the United States. Some of the incidents described in this video are shocking and horrifying; it is amazing what is going on just north of the border. Who would have guessed that Canada was capable of just gross overreach of the Government. We have included some articles that we posted about such things earlier, please take the time to inform yourself, your Church communities, and your loved ones who share the same concerns. The problem right not is complacency and ignorance. Too many faith-based communities are too timid to speak out, too cowardly to fight back, and too ignorant of the threat. Do not allow your head to be stuck in a box like so many others who think this will subside and the politicians who love power will relinquish it. This is not going away!

A Crass Biblical Commentary on the Riots.

Potential Ecclesiastical Misfeasance amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Supreme court rules in favor of religious freedom


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