Watch “A Green New Deal Warning: Bjorn Lomborg, Alex Epstein, Benji Backer | ROUNDTABLE | Rubin Report” on YouTube

This is the sort of conversations that we should be having around climate change. This “Green New Deal” perspective where either you are “for” or “against” climate change is neither helpful nor Christian. Climate change is difficult and complex and Americans need open minds and skepticism to address this issue.

This is a good discussion of some relative issues facing climate change, fossil fuels, global warming, etc. What America needs is a symposium on climate change that looks something like this. The media narrative that this is a settled issues and science is concrete on this is #fakenews. Good people with noble intentions are attempting to address these issues. Watch this and get involved. The Church needs to get involved and be a level headed leader in the area, who will act?


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