Supreme court rules in favor of religious freedom

The supreme court ruled late Wednesday in favor of religious freedom in the State of New York. This is a wonderful Thanksgiving blessing to all those Christians out there that still believe in religious freedom and the  1st Amendment.

The most important court in the land resulted in a 5-4 victory in limiting Governor Cuomo’s limitations on worship in the state of New York. What was startling was that Chief Justice Roberts wrote the dissenting opinion. This highlights the catastrophic appointment Roberts has been to the supreme court in relation to freedom and conservative values; once again showcasing the horrific administration of the Bush presidency.

What Christians should take from this is that the war on religion is underway and this is only going to get worse. Christian communities need to wake up, get active, and preach religions freedom from the pulpit. The Obama administration was the most hostile presidency toward religious freedom in American history and his vice president was just elected to the White House. Hard times are coming for the Church. Get Ready. Do not be naive in what you believe!


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