The Relevance of 1st Peter Amid the Global Pandemic of Today

Worth Reading again!

R-Rated Religion

All too often we, as Christians, allow society to shape and direct our motives. It is very easy to allow our secular surroundings to seep into our faith and dilute its potency. This is not only common but has been occurring in the faith-based since its inception of the Christian Church. What this author intends to do with this article is to show the parallels in 1 Peter from two thousand years ago with the chaos that is happening today and how Peter, very systematically, teaches the early church how to act amid such chaos.

This article will serve as a pseudo-commentary on the book of 1 Peter and relate it to contemporary events. Although we will not go line by line but theme by theme highlighting the strength and purposes of Peter’s exhortation to the dispersed people of faith during horrific conditions; far worse than we see today. The…

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