A Sinner’s Creed

R-Rated Religion

              A Sinner’s Creed

As I toil among this labyrinth of pain,

God has freed me of impeding disdain.

Alone I walk against the covetous man.

Hoping to cleanse my soul of all I that I can.

For the time has come for me to clench,

That faithful grasp of God’s recompense.

Laborious evil entrenched my mind,

With lascivious pleasures of our kind.

The wicked mind poisons the soul,

And accepts the price for whom the bell tolls.

But God as my shield in this face of demise,

Will wash my sin and counter my prize.

For decay is my body to suffer his wrath,

And life to my spirit sought after the path.

Now me and my house will serve the lord,

Extolling grace, love, and the salvation accord.

That the age of man once lost as I,

Can find truth everlasting on the day we die.

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