Michael Jackson’s Daughter to portray Lesbian Jesus in a new film!


Do not fool yourself! To a short extent, the BLM sentiment of “silence is violence” can be also implied to faith-based communities and church organizations. This is coming to our communities and the effects will be catastrophic. There is no such thing as sin, blasphemy, and heresy to the progressive left. The Christian community needs to wake up and start speaking out against the grotesque war that is being waged on the Church. Piety and complacency do not preclude Christians from defending the reason for the hope that is with us (1 Peter 3:15-16).

Read this article and think about what this form of entertainment means to your children and the community that you belong to. Feminism is ruining good theology and sound biblical doctrine. Most people in Church leadership and believing politicians are scared of calling crap like this out for fear of being called misogynistic; what cowards. While our pulpit sermons are currently being inundated with social justice and race, subjects such as this are being ignored.

It is time for people who truly believe in what the Bible says about faith and our community to start living that out in society by calling out disgusting societal norms brought on by a hatred of God. Join us for this fight, our voice shall be heard!

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