Merriam-Webster will update ‘racism’ definition after request

It is happening, the race-war is taking over our speech and forcing us to kneel to the false religion of critical race theology. This article is a scary indication of what is coming and how critical race theology is being seeped into our culture and now forced into our speech. Manipulating our speech and forcing us to redefine what words mean is, at its essesnce, the bedrock of totalitarian regimes.

This article (and many like it) were glossed over last week by most media outlets. The constant protestations, riots, CHAZ, and others race related issues were showcased and talked about to no end. However, Merriam-Webster cow-towing to the radical left should have been the main story. Controlling speech is how you control people. According to Holocaust

“Once they succeeded in ending democracy and turning Germany into a one-party dictatorship, the Nazis orchestrated a massive propaganda campaign to win the loyalty and cooperation of Germans. The Nazi Propaganda Ministry, directed by Dr. Joseph Goebbels, took control of all forms of communication in Germany: newspapers, magazines, books, public meetings, and rallies, art, music, movies, and radio. Viewpoints in any way threatening to Nazi beliefs or to the regime were censored or eliminated from all media.”

Does this look familiar?

The true irony is how facist the anti-facist movement seems to be. Those who hold signs that say “Silence is Violence” seem to be ignorant of the benefits from hearing what the other side has to say. Allowing the mad-minority of protestors and SJW types to redefine our political speech is beyond dangerous, it is the necessary step to over-throw America as we know it, and implant a communist theocry defined by the color of our skin and socialeconminc status. We already saw the disasterous effects of this in the last century with facism, socialism, and the like. 

Their is a very important biblical principle that can be learned from what we are seeing in the media. It was spoken by Jesus Christ and is more relevant now that ever:

“Again, you have heard that it was said to our ancestors, You must not break your oath, but you must keep your oaths to the Lord. But I tell you, don’t take an oath at all: either by heaven, because it is God’s throne; or by the earth, because it is His footstool; or by Jerusalem, because it is the city of the great King. Neither should you swear by your head, because you cannot make a single hair white or black. But let your word ‘yes’ be ‘yes,’ and your ‘no’ be ‘no.’ Anything more than this is from the evil one” (Matthew 5:33-37 HCSV). 

Many commentaries and interpretations of this passage point to telling the truth, and they would not be wrong; however, it goes deeper than that. In this passage Jesus is addressing a crowd of people who read the Law and the Prophets as authoratative scripture. He is warning them of manipulating ones speech to serve a genda other than what God intends it for. It is a warning to leadership and those in power not to misuse his/her own speech to twist the truth to serve a worldly purpose.

This is exactly what is happening, on a global scale, in the world today. The above article is an example of how political agendas and corrupt theologies are re-shaping the discourse about racial tensions into a defacto position where if anyone questions or challenges it, results in a label or brandishment of evil. The anti-racist theories and cures being promulgated by BLM and Antifa are not open to criticism or question without serious consequence to social status.  

The most effective way to assuage racial tension is an unfettered proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Evil pervades and the only way to combat evil is with the truth. The gospel of Christ teaches love, obedience, and reconciliation; all principles we are not hearing from those in power or in control of the news media. The only way to truly overcome racism is a legitimate renovation of the heart, brought on by a new life lived out in the person and ministry of Jesus Christ. Society needs more biblical disciples and less social justice warriors. 


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