Dear Society, Stop Apologizing – it is not a sin to be white!

Now Drew Brees attacks Trump

NFL Apologizes

Dear people of faith in society, stop apologizing! Talk about social justice buffoonery, why are the NFL and Drew Brees cow-towing to privileged professional athletes who are using the death of George Floyd to further a political agenda that is not based on empirical data? To see Drew Brees speak about his love for this country and then get bullied into retracting those statements is both cowardly and tragic. Recently the NFL commissioner submitted this coerced apology. What is happening to our society?

The reason so many are falling prey to this social justice agenda is bullying, coercion, and thuggery. This week on social media, Antifa vloggers were showing random white people being coerced into kneeling on the sidewalks to atone for their white privilege. Stores were looted, people (many of color) were murdered, and large organizations and corporations were bullied supporting these acts under the guise of political correctness. This is happening, not is some third world communist country, but right here on the streets of America.

Talk about a theological and political nightmare. Human beings do not atone to other human beings for tragedy or injustice. Christians apologize to other Christians when a wrong has occurred and reconciliation is required as set forth by the word of God. This does not pertain to ethnic or political groups. A good example here is how the Nazi party blamed Jewish people of oppression and causality, and everyone knows what that led to [a recommended study of Deuteronomy 23 where God forbade the Jews to hate the Egyptians]. This is why the court system is effective and ordained by the Bible which teaches proper reconciliation and forgiveness. Forcing non-offenders and innocent combatants to apologize for their opinion or merely for the color of their skin is utter nonsense and pernicious evil that always eventually leads to forms of genocide.

The problem is not that some people are falling into this trap but that celebrities and organizations such as the NFL are openly going along with this. It is one thing to acknowledge that some injustice exists in society (which has always been the case); however, it is entirely something else when you openly apologize for that injustice even though no such evidence is put forth that you (or your organization) did anything to contribute to that injustice. Think about it, the NFL is comprised of seventy-percent black athletes! Sports organizations were some of the first entities to desegregate.

Social justice theory is not a political or anthropological imperative. It is a geopolitical theory, birthed from very sketchy academic rigor, that has been hijacked by the left and then embedded in our society as a new religion where the aggrieved are clergy and victimization is a new faith.  This may seem controversial but: There is nothing wrong with being white. Moreover, neither is it wrong that you are born black, brown, or magenta! The Bible speaks time and time again to the sovereignty of God (Psalm 115; Daniel 4:35; Isaiah 46:10; Proverbs 21:1; Ephesians 1:11; Romans 8:28; Job 42:2; and on and on). God’s will and work are absolute therefore whatever ethnicity you were born in and whatever socioeconomic status that accompanied does not automatically assign you with guilt, oppression, or fault. Our actions dictate our outcomes.

I ask each and every one of my fellow Christians to seriously think about how you proceed in the coming weeks. Do not fall into the racism trap where political operatives attempt to convince you that the color of your skill denotes the content of your character, or of your guilt and innocence. The true sorrow of this situation is that Church communities and orthodox denominations are falling prey to this illogical political theology. When congregations should be joining together to pray for the friends and family of George Floyd (as well as the police officers in custody and their families) they are, instead, asked to pray for social justice and racial equity. What in God’s name is that? This is not biblical, it is not theological, and it corrodes the civility of our society. Standing strong in our faith means standing up against evil-doers who pervert the scriptures to serve a political agenda. Murder is wrong (Exodus 20:13); death is tragic whenever it happens (wisdom of Solomon 1:13), and the Church is required to view all life as equally made in the image of God (Genesis 1:26); without pride or prejudice to their socioeconomic status (Exodus 23:6). Godspeed and be safe. 


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