A Crass Biblical Commentary on the Riots.

Riots Cause More Death!

The death of George Floyd, however tragic and unjustified, has echoed carnage and chaos that few could have predicted. I, for one, am tired of pundits coming onto television programs with long admonishments of the death of Floyd before condemning the riots, as if one is inexplicably tied to the other. Why do we have to preface our denunciation of murder before we can weigh in on mass destruction and lawless behavior? Everyone can agree that murder is wrong. I think that matter is settled. No one likes murder or thinks that murdering someone based on their skin color is laudable. Those who do only find their voice on fringe social media outlets or MSNBC. Stop race-baiting us fair-minded Americans!

This is how the left has hijacked the conversation. It is like when you see someone denounce slavery before they make a case against the absurdities of reparations, or when someone feels like they need to inform you of their gay/lesbian third cousin before they give you their opinion on gay marriage. Why are we so scared of having a sane opinion? Because of fear, and look and where that has led us. Cities nationwide (and oddly organized) being destroyed, rioters hurting others, and now lives being lost. Does the death of Geroge Floyd suddenly become vindicated when this Federal Protection Service Officer was killed? When does the insanity stop?

The sad truth is that it never stops. The social media genie is out of its bombastic bottle and that hatred and animous of the masses are never going back in. Take a few minutes and scroll through the acrimony online, from both sides, of what they think is going on in America. Many are blaming Trump, others are defending officer Chauvin, some blame fake-news, while many indict socialism. No cool heads out there at all.  This is an American shit-show of epic proportions!

One lady on Facebook was feuding with someone else on Facebook by blaming all this chaos on Trump’s wall…yeah, that makes sense. In an attempt to assuage the hostility; allow me to commentate on these events for the cooler heads out there and anyone else  who may need this too makes sense:

The death of George Floyd is tragic and horrible. Any sane person wishes it never happened. We expect justice to be served swiftly and without prejudice. As members of the faith-based community, we are tasked to not only pray for the family members of George Floyd but that of officer Chauvin and his family, that will no doubt come under persecution and discrimination. In addition, we are entrusted to pray for the justice system and people in authority who shall be called to carry out said justice. George Floyd is the victim, his assailant was the officer Chauvin. The alledged (remember innocent until proven guilty) crime is murder. Likewise, in the riots, the rioters are the assailants. The victims are business owners (some are people of color) and now federal officials. The crime is tyranny, destruction of public (and private) property, and now murder. One is not better than the other and one does not justify the other. They both suck!

Now, if that did not make sense to you or, in effect, further enraged you as to the social injustice in America: YOU ARE THE PROBLEM, NOT THE SOLUTION. My advice to you is to shut down all your social media accounts, withdraw from University where you major in women’s gender/diversity studies, and purchase a King James Bible (old faithful) immediately. Open it to the book of Matthew and read until you realize what TRUTH is.  God, and humanity, do not need your voice out there mucking up sane discourse for the rest of us. God Bless!



  1. Bravo 👏🏼 Could not had iterated it any better myself!
    I’ve NEVER understood looting in a time when someone wants justice (or after a major team wins a championship for that matter)! It’s utter nonsense!
    Really this comes down to a sin issue not a race issue. Whilst that may be the catalyst.
    Jesus says in Luke chapter 6, “you have heard it said, ‘love your neighbor but hate your enemy, I say love your enemy and pray for those that curse you.” He also states in the same chapter, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

    If the entire world LIVED by Jesus’ precepts this world would be a much better place.

    Praying for George Floyd’s family, for the police trying to keep people safe, for the business owners who have been looted, and for the, rioters to come to Jesus!


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